Delivering first class affordable funeral services


When we established Katie Mills Independent Funeral Service we knew we wanted to offer a first class service that was affordable to our families. 


We believe that families should be supported at this time to make decisions they can afford.




Our costs are clear and simple to understand.  We do not have any hidden fees or offer a restricted service that many families cannot use so have to choose a higher price package. 


We have one core fee and you only pay for any additional products or services you choose.





For the second year we have been successfully assessed by the Fair Funerals Campaign to proudly become a signatory for the campaign in 2021.

As a cause that is very close to our heart, we display their logo with pride knowing that we are offering our families clear fair pricing for our services. 


The pledge is an opportunity for funeral directors to demonstrate that they are fair and are dedicated to meeting the increasing demand for price transparency within the funeral industry.

By signing the pledge, we become part of a community of funeral directors who agree to put transparency and honesty at the centre of their work, and who aspire to be the change we all want to see within the funeral industry.

How much does a funeral cost?

It is our core belief that families who are grieving should be able to easily research funeral costs that are clear, transparent and accurate.  With us you have three choices to find out how much the funeral is likely to cost.

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Simply call the number below and we will give you up to date information, help and guidance on the whole process and a clear, accurate estimate of costs

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Price List

View our Price Lists & Guides below

We display our prices and information to help you understand how the cost of a funeral is comprised.

It is a confusing business but we are on hand at the end of the phone should you need any help.

There is more information and cost examples below.


Our online Funeral Cost Calculator is easy

Please use our online

Funeral Estimate Calculator to give you a clear and accurate cost estimate.

Simply choose the funeral type below.

Please note:

Our Funeral Estimate calculator is ideal for Desktop, Laptop or Tablet Users


(For mobile phone users we advise using 2 devices to allow you to browse our brochure at the same time as our Funeral Estimate Calculator)

How to understand funeral costs

It can be very hard for families to understand how funeral costs are calculated.  We have listed ours below and a guide to funeral cost elements.

Our Professional Fee



This fee includes:

Professional help, support and guidance through all the necessary arrangements & liaising with third parties

Bringing a loved one into our care within 30 mile radius on a 24 hour a day service.  Daily care by a fully qualified member of our team.

Supporting you on the day of the funeral.  Funeral director on the day and a full team of professional bearers.

Use of our Daimler hearse on the day to convey the coffin

Visiting your loved one in one of our dedicated Chapels of Rest

Example Cost

Full Attended Service

Torquay Crematorium



This fee includes:


Our Professional Fees - £1645

Heathfield Range Coffin - £275

Full Service Torquay Crematorium - £995

Doctors Fee - £82

Minister Fee - £199

With no restrictions on date or time of funeral.  Option to add any additional products or services and only pay the cost of that product or service.

Understanding Funeral Costs

Funeral costs are confusing, so to make this easier a total funeral cost is broken down into three sections.

Professional Fee (Funeral Director Fees)

Third Party Fees (Disbursements)

Additional Products and/or Services

Apart from Direct Cremation we do not use a Package style fee.  This way every funeral service is bespoke and we do not restrict your choices.

Third Party Fees (Disbursements)

These are the fees charged by other "Third Parties" for the funeral to go ahead.


  Third Party Fees are paid by your funeral director on your behalf and charged to you on the final invoice.

They can include but not limited to:

Crematorium Fees

Doctors Fees

Cemetery Fees

Gravedigger Fee

Minister Fee

Church Fees


Additional Products

These are the fees for additional items and choices made by the family. 


We ensure our families know the individual cost of these items so tey can always make informed choices:

They can include but not limited to:

Alternative Hearses

Printed Stationary

Newspaper Notices

Memorial Items

Ashes Caskets