Caring family business

After years of working for a large corporate funeral service in Torbay Katie and Rob opened Katie Mills Independent Funeral Service in Paignton in June 2020.


Wanting to do things differently, there is one simple aim, to offer an exceptional funeral service, at an affordable cost to bereaved families in Torbay.

Why we are different

As a small but experienced family run independent team you will only ever deal with Katie and Rob. 


We support you and your family from your very first call right up to the day of the funeral and beyond. 


Every family is different and we will work closely with you to make sure the funeral is as unique as your loved one.

Our service is based on one core belief

To provide exceptional service, without exception

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Caring for you

Predominantly our role is to listen.  As simple as that sounds there is a lot more to it than that.

Every person is unique and so should every funeral be.  Each family has different circumstances, pressures and concerns.  We need to truly understand what they are to be able to effectively help the family who is grieving.

We offer options to our families that allows them to make the right choice for themselves and their individual needs.

To do this we ensure you will only ever deal with Katie or Rob.  By a family only ever dealing with the same people we can ensure we understand what is important to them and can offer the help, services and guidance they need.

Caring for your loved one

We are acutely aware that you are entrusting one of your family into our care.  We never forget the honour that is to us.

We achieve this through respect.  In the same way as the family are cared for only by Rob and Katie it is the same for your loved one.

As members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, we are regularly inspected to ensure the highest possible standards of care and facilities.

Your loved one will stay with us in our funeral home until the day of the service.


We use traditional skills to hand finish the coffin interior to ensure the level of choice and professional finish.

Cost, Care & Service

Every attended service we offer is unrestricted.  It can be very hard for a family to compare our service with a restricted "Simple" or "Essential" package service offered by National Chains.  Even though our prices seem similar to their basic services.

What this means is you are free to choose with us.  There is one base fee and you only pay for any service or product you choose.  

To have those choices restricted means that for you to add a service or a product, you would have to pay to "upgrade" to a non-restricted service and then pay an additional cost for the product or service if it was not part of that "package".

For example to choose a date and time that suited your family, rather than dates and times given to you by the funeral director, could cost you hundreds of pounds to upgrade.

Katie Mills

Katie is one of the co-owners of Katie Mills Independent Funeral Service.

Having worked in and around the funeral service for eleven years, Katie is fully qualified as both a Funeral Director and as a Funeral Operative.

Having been a Funeral Director in Torbay since 2016 Katie has helped hundreds of bereaved families arrange beautiful, tailored funerals for their loved ones.


Rob Potter

Rob Potter is one of the

Co-owners of Katie Mills Independent Funeral service.

Rob had a long career in global logistics prior to joining the funeral industry.  He is now fully qualified in Funeral Operations.


Rob's role as Funeral Manager is to ensure the highest levels of care and to ensure that all of your arrangements are carried out to the letter.


Matilda Burt

Matilda is a wonderful asset to our team.

She has known she wanted to join the funeral industry for a long time and has actively sought out work experience roles that would help her achieve this.

Matilda helps us with the general administration and is currently doing her training so she will be able to start her qualifications next year.


Ceremonial Team

We are so lucky to have the team we have.  They are dedicated and professional.

They understand how difficult the day of a funeral can be for families and will do all they can to help you.

Our team are always respectful and attentive to your needs.  Members of our team are always easily recognisable by our trade mark ties.