Direct Cremation


More and more families are choosing a Direct Cremation


Separating the cremation from the celebration of life is becoming more and more popular. 


It allows the families to keep the cost low while still ensuring the very best care for their loved one.

Your loved one will be taken care of by us in our local funeral home

You can visit your loved one in our chapel of rest

You can add a 15 min blessing service in our chapel (max 5 mourners)

We will dress your loved one should you wish

You can order additional products to remember your loved one

You can use our Tribute Page

We will collect the ashes for you to collect them from us

Why we are different


There are many reasons families choose a Direct Cremation Service but it can be very difficult if it is a ridged service with no options. 


We offer a range of services so you can choose our direct service without having to compromise on the right goodbye.

Direct Cremation is a modern and affordable alternative to a traditional cremation funeral.


The cremation takes place completely separately from the memorial.  With no mourners present at the crematorium. 


Families can choose to use the ashes urn or a favourite photograph as their focal point for their own special remembrance event organised by themselves or we can help you design this.

Cost: £1350.00

This is the total cost including coffin, our fees and necessary cremation costs.

  • We will bring your loved one into our care from private address, hospital or Coroner's Mortuary using our discreet private ambulance

  • Care and preparation of your loved one

  • Our fully lined and furnished Heathfield Coffin

  • Preparation of all the necessary paperwork

  • Cremation and any doctors fees

  • Transportation to the crematorium (date, time and crematorium will be of our choice)

  • 100% Biodegradable ashes container 

  • Ashes can be either scattered at the crematorium or collected from our funeral home.