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Comparing funeral costs & services is never disrespectful

TV and social media are flooded with advertising from large corporate funeral providers, but what is the real story?

For that reason, it is so important for families to research not only the quality of service they are going to receive but also the cost of a funeral


To get the best cost and service compare funeral providers


How much difference can there be?

We have compared our funeral services and costs against two of the largest National Companies, Coop Funeralcare and Funeral Partners (Maunders, Drakes, Torbay & District). 


We did not compare the biggest National Company, Dignity (Torre Valley Funeral Service), as we could not find enough information on their prices and service to compare on a like for like basis.

Firstly, on a basic, simple or essential attended cremation and then our same service against their fully tailored or bespoke service.

Please see for yourself how our service and costs compare to the Nationals.

Compare the cost of a Traditional Cremation Service

As a small local independent funeral service you must be more expensive than a national company?
The simple answer is... no.

Even with the Coop Member Benefit applied we can be up to £700 less than the Coop on a like for like basis.
Comparison graphic tailored_edited.jpg

Compare our service levels to a restricted Simple Cremation Package

Can the service provided really be that different with a basic funeral?
Yes, on the picture you will see just some of the restrictions imposed on a basic funeral by some national companies.
Comparison graphic basic_edited.jpg

Compare funeral account and deposit payment terms

I'm worried about paying for the funeral, it must be easier and simpler with a National Provider?
Please see comparison for details they speak for themselves.
Comparison graphic basic_edited.jpg
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